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How To Complete Wanted: Aliens Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

May 27, 2023

Here's everything you need to know to complete this quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Everyone needs help sometimes, whether they're big or small, human or not. Even living toys like Woody need help once in a while, especially in Disney Dreamlight Valley where magic and shenanigans are a daily occurrence thanks to the Valley's residents.

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This time, you'll be helping some of Woody's friends too. After his Carousel's disastrous response to a new power source, Woody's Alien toy friends have ended up scattered across the Valley. This guide will show you how to start the quest to find them, how to fix their home, and where each of the little green beings is hiding.

In order to unlock this friendship quest, you need to be at friendship level seven with Woody, and his prior friendship quests need to have been completed.

You'll also need to have unlocked Buzz Lightyear and Scar, progressed Scar's quests enough to enter his home, and both the Frosted Heights and the Glade of Trust need to be unlocked.

Once you meet the requirements, speak to Woody to begin the quest. He'll hand you back the broken claw machine parts and ask you to fix it before you find the rest of the alien toys.

To fix the Claw Machine, you'll need ten Hardwood, 2 Iron bars, and 12 Glass.

Gather all the crafting materials then go to any crafting bench. The new Claw Machine can be found in the Functional Items tab. Craft it, then your quest will update, and you'll need to meet Woody inside his carousel next.

Make sure you have the Claw Machine in your inventory, then speak to Woody inside his carousel. Hand him the Claw Machine, and he'll thank you for bringing it to him.

Woody will put the new Claw Machine up where the old one was, but you're still missing one thing: the aliens themselves. You suggest going to Buzz for help, and Woody agrees.

Locate Buzz on the map and speak to him. He'll mention seeing some of the aliens but wasn't able to help them due to a lack of magical tools. Buzz will also tell you the location of the four toys, and give you a hint on how to get each of them.

Toy number one is stuck in the sand on Dazzling Beach.

Toy number two is stuck in an ice chunk near the waterfall in Frosted Heights.

Toy number three is stuck in the mud near the willow tree in the Glade of Trust.

Toy number four is in Scar's cave in the Sunlit Plateau.

Once you've located all the toys, bring them back to Woody to complete the quest.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley friendship level seven with Woodyten Hardwood, 2 Iron bars, and 12 Glass.frequently found on the ground beneath treesexcept for those at the Plaza, Peaceful Meadows, and Dazzling Beachdug up at Dazzling Beach by breaking sea debrisFunctional Items tabinside his carouselin your inventoryinside his carouselLocate Buzz on the maptell you the location of the four toysbring them back to Woody