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R.C.N. Solutions: zero, the new campaign

Oct 07, 2023

Date: 23 May 2023

The word zero usually has a negative meaning worldwide. This number immediately recalls absence, emptiness, nothingness.

However, in maths zero is not always negative, especially in some calculations, but no need to demonstrate whatsoever.

For RCN, zero has an absolute positive value and the company likes the idea to use this number to offer crucial issues in production.

That’s why RCN has considered it important to re-evaluate a campaign similar to one proposed in 2010, focused on one machine only, but now extended to all RCN systems, because “zero” gathers all the company’s objectives and better frames its policy to work to maintain promise for:

zero imperfections

zero waste

zero downtime

zero dispersion

All glaziers expect to have faultless production preventing additional costs in case of waste. Zero defects is a modus operandi existing in quality controls, in the production chain, especially used in the automotive industry of the nineties. But it is still very important to prevent frequent inspections and maximize production at best.

Machines manufacturers have to contribute to zero in production by supplying reliable equipment and consumables able to satisfy controls for final quality approval.

So, keep an eye on RCN’s Zero!

zero imperfectionszero wastezero downtimezero dispersion