Tianjin North Glass: Quality Peaks with LiSEC Machines
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Tianjin North Glass: Quality Peaks with LiSEC Machines

May 28, 2023

Date: 9 August 2023

Tianjin North Glass Industrial Technical Co., Ltd. is a glass processing company headquartered in Tianjin, China. The company is a global leader in the supply of oversized glass with lengths of up to 18 metres and can boast renowned reference projects in a variety of regions. The company, which has a workforce of 400, produces superior quality tempered, curved, laminated, insulating and digitally printed glass in a production area covering 100,000 m².

Tianjin North Glass exports 70% of its products to more than 100 countries around the world, with a focus on important sales markets such as Korea, Hong Kong, Europe and the northern United States. These regions are of particular importance to the company because of their strong presence and high sales figures. The success of Tianjin North Glass was also evident in 2017, when the "North Glass" brand was ranked one of the most important brands in China - an endorsement of the professionalism and quality of the products on offer.

Tianjin North Glass can look back on a successful partnership of more than 20 years with LiSEC, which began with an investment in machinery for insulating glass production in 2002. The use of LiSEC products in its in-house production gave Tianjin North Glass new opportunities in the Chinese market. The long service life of LiSEC machines is one of the outstanding features that convinced Tianjin North Glass, whereby the machines operate reliably and therefore facilitate continuous production.

The machines are also extremely user-friendly. This level of user-friendliness enhances the efficiency and productivity of the Chinese manufacturer since employees soon become proficient in handling the machines and are consequently able to make the most of the LiSEC system's capabilities. The reliability of LISEC machines and the LiSEC service team mean that Tianjin North Glass can fulfil customer orders on time, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

In a nutshell, LiSEC is a competent, reliable and innovative partner for North Glass, a partner together with whom individual solutions can be achieved. This is how Tianjin North Glass can offer its customers high-quality products and live up to the highest standards.

Investment was made in a new LiSEC TPA line for insulating glass production in 2021 with the aim of maintaining a high level of quality. The TPA line is tailored to the production of large insulating glass units. Consisting of AKL-A33, VHW-F33/V6, RTVN, RTVB, RSV-38B, TPA-A33, DMS-200, AGP-A65, VFL-1F and DOS-E, the line is impressive thanks to its speed, precision and high level of automation. The centrepiece of the line is the LiSEC TPA-A33, a stand-alone machine with a drum melting pump (DMS-200), two alternating intermediate storage tanks and a sturdy and heated applicator arm. The DMS-200 heats the material and feeds it from a 200-litre drum into the two intermediate storage tanks. Each of these has a volume of 20 litres and their alternating working principle ensures continuous operation of the TPA-A33, even when the material drum is changed.

The material is metered by means of the controlled hydraulics and the flow control valve. A volumetric measurement system directly upstream of the progressively adjustable applicator nozzle ensures that exactly the right amount of spacer material is applied, thereby compensating for fluctuations in the material batch and temperature.

The thermoplastic spacer system ensures excellent thermal insulation and consequently a warm edge in the insulating glass. Operation of the insulating glass line is considerably simplified by eliminating conventional frame production. Rather than requiring a variety of consumables such as bar material, desiccant and butyl, the system only requires the thermoplastic material in the form of a drum.

Work steps such as frame bending, filling and butylation are no longer necessary thanks to the innovative TPA technology. The high flexibility of the system enables a batch size of 1 and simultaneously ensures maximum productivity in insulating glass production. When combined with the rest of the equipment, such as the LiSEC VHW, which delivers an optimal washing result, the AGP-A, which handles the gas filling and the assembly of the units, and the VFL-1F, which achieves optimal sealing with perfect corners, this LiSEC TPA line represents an innovative and highly automated solution for the production of large insulating glass units excelling in quality.

"Only those who are able to deliver high quality have the opportunity to win reputable customers." The CEO of Tianjin North Glass underlines this focus once again with the statement: "We win customers on the strength of our quality, not our price!" The fact that this strategy works is evident from the partners supplied by Tianjin North Glass.

In addition to an increasing level of automation, TPA technology is set to be the product of the future in the Chinese glass processing market. The Chinese government is attaching increasing emphasis to sustainability, which has led to increased demand for triple-glazed insulating glass units in China. The Chinese manufacturer also anticipates trends towards curved glass and the increased use of jumbo units in line with the motto "the bigger, the better".

Tianjin North Glass, as an expert in curved and jumbo glass, takes a positive view of the future and is already planning investments to boost its production capacities. This includes the planned purchase of another TPA line from LiSEC. Drawing on expertise and experience, Tianjin North Glass is well equipped to offer innovative and sustainable glass products and respond to the increasing demands of the market.