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Aug 20, 2023

Date: 11 July 2023

In combination with a precision high-pressure autoclave, the PlusLam is suitable for the production of all conventional laminated products and laminated safety glass products.

The PlusLam includes all the necessary machines for the complete production of laminated glass lites sheets. These machines - from loading upstream of the washing machine to removal after pre-lamination - are combined to create a sophisticated and flexibly configurable line. The design is possible in a straight running direction, as well as in a U-shape. The climatic chamber and autoclave can also be supplied by LiSEC as part of the investment if necessary. A special feature is the single-level climatic chamber without demanding structural requirements, because the weight of the foil magazine is distributed over the floor.

The PlusLam can be loaded manually or automatically. Once the washing process is complete, the first sheet is automatically aligned with the reference edge on the positioning table. The precision lift-over unit places the sheet in the assembly area. The foil can now be positioned on the sheet and trimmed to length manually or fully automatically. In the meantime, the cover sheet is automatically aligned and placed on the foil with the highest precision by the lift-over unit. Here, both automated alignment of the glass edges and manual alignment for internal processing (e.g. drilled holes) are possible.

The foil can also be trimmed manually or automatically. The slick design and arrangement of the automatic foil edger allows simultaneous assembly of the next laminate during the trimming process. By using these automated solutions, it is possible for a single employee to operate the line in the assembly area. However, during manual foil application a foil shuttle supports the operator and ensures significantly less foil wastage.

The fully assembled laminate is then automatically thermally treated and pressed in the pre-laminator, the heart of the laminating line. The foil is heated by a targeted combination of infrared radiation and convection, which is fully automatically adapted to the respective glass type. In the case of narrower sheets, eco radiant heaters ensure low energy consumption and prevent the oven from overheating. The rapid heating of the foil is perfectly complemented by the use of servo spindles in place of hydraulic or pneumatic presses. This spindle technology guarantees perfect parallelism in the pressing process, even with shapes. The operation is optimally controlled through automatic recipe adjustment. Afterwards, the fully pressed laminate is loaded onto the autoclave rack in the discharge area.

The PlusLam impresses with split drives in the assembly area for smaller sheet formats. This means that small glass formats can also be processed highly efficiently, even with larger lines.

The PlusLam is clearly aimed at industrial applications and has a correspondingly modular design. This applies to both the maximum glass sizes and the available options. Due to this broad scope of options, the PlusLam is designed for all glass processors who specialise in high-quality processing in interior areas, as well as for roofing, railings and multi-layered laminates. Furthermore, the PlusLam is also superbly well suited for façade units.

The biggest advantage of the system is the high productivity with minimum labour input, together with excellent quality and the associated rapid ROI. Due to the wide range of configuration options, the PlusLam can be superbly well adapted to the customer's needs.

The PlusLam is state of the art and has been developed from scratch, based on decades of experience with LiSEC CMI and Armatech technology. This results in the most intelligent leading-edge laminating machine on the market, both in terms of design and automation. The Speed Assembling - i.e. the rapid assembly through separate drives - in combination with the automatic foil rough cut, enables an incredibly short cycle in the assembly area. Thanks to the fully automatic use of infrared and convection for heating the foil, this short cycle can also be maintained without difficulty in the pre-laminating area. 50 laminates per hour are possible with these technologies.

In addition to speed, the PlusLam impresses with incredibly low operating costs. Automatic foil handling (foil application, foil rough cutting and automatic trimming) allows operation of the machine by a single operator in the assembly area. The PlusLam is also the market’s frontrunner when it comes to energy costs. The costs of air-conditioning are significantly reduced by a single-storey climatic chamber. Operation of the pre-laminator is more efficient than ever before due to the use of eco radiant heaters and the incredibly fast heating time of the laminates.

With the PlusLam, speed, cost efficiency and high quality are no longer contradictions in terms. Maximum precision in assembly guarantees satisfied customers. Advantages such as the precise alignment of hole drillings are also possible. Automation of the line reduces operator errors or the possible introduction of foreign bodies into the laminates. The final quality of the products is ensured through pre-laminating with precise tempering of the foil and the parallel, reliable pressing of the units by means of the unique servo spindles. Fully automatic pre-lamination is carried out with a double press for the highest quality requirements or special applications.

Further advantages: