TUROMAS returns from Glasstech Mexico 2023
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TUROMAS returns from Glasstech Mexico 2023

Aug 04, 2023

Date: 26 July 2023

Glasstech Mexico is one of the most important events in the field of glass technology in Latin America, the perfect platform where the glass, door and window industries communicate and meet with suppliers from all over the world and Latin American buyers.

For the second consecutive year, the Spanish brand TUROMAS had an exclusive 120-square-meter space where it showcased its most cutting-edge solutions and provided assistance and service to its customers, particularly the Mexican public.

As the main attraction at the booth, TUROMAS showcased the RUBI 406VA during the event. This innovative equipment, patented by the manufacturer, enables the automatic loading, cutting, and evacuation of jumbo glass in minimal space.


In the main picture: TUROMAS was represented by Álvaro Tomás, Vice-president, Eduardo Nieto, Commercial Delegate of Chile, Bonifacio Cuadros, Technical Service Delegation Mexico and Gabino González, TUROMAS Technician.

''We are satisfied with the outstanding role that TUROMAS has played at the fair. Having a space dedicated to the brand and designed to present our RUBI 406VA in situ has made us the protagonists of the event. The presence of important customers from Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica, and even from the United States, shows the growth of the fair. We have already closed several sales transactions and we expect more in the short and medium term thanks to our successful participation.'' Álvaro Tomás_Vice president of TUROMAS

''The trade fair was a great success. Visitors showed great interest in our machines, which bodes well for the future of our sales. The positive feedback from customers, organisers and competitors highlights our constant innovation at every show. Mexico is a strategic market for us and we will continue to work hard to capitalise on every opportunity that comes our way. TUROMAS will continue to be a benchmark for innovation and quality in the sector.'' Bonifacio Cuadros_ Delegation of Mexico

The star of the fair: RUBI 406VA

The Spanish company exhibited the RUBI 406VA, a machine aimed at companies that need maximum productivity, automation, efficiency and precision in the smallest possible space.

Its avant-garde design allows the automatic loading, cutting and evacuation of jumbo glass, ensuring maximum productivity and automation in the smallest possible space.

The automatic loader is integrated into the structure of the cutting table itself, allowing loading directly from the trestle. Optimising processes in less space, generating a great economic and logistical benefit for the customer.


The RUBI 406VA features new, stronger, more reliable and faster loading arms that incorporate a new instant separation system that eliminates the problems associated with the glass sheet separation process.

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Technological news at TUROMAS! Space dedicated to Software and experience with virtual reality glasses.

In addition to the RUBI 406VA, visitors to the TUROMAS stand were able to discover a space dedicated to TUROMAS Software: applications designed to complement machinery and optimise production processes in the glass industry. These are integrated with TUROMAS machines, enabling efficient production management, precise control of operations and greater process automation.

Complete float cutting line

Together with TUROMAS Software, visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique and immersive experience, using virtual reality glasses to explore a complete installation.

Through this virtual experience, attendees were able to observe how the various TUROMAS machines are integrated into a complete production line. From cutting to the glass handling and transport process, the virtual reality allowed visitors to experience first-hand the efficiency and performance of TUROMAS’ technological solutions.

TUROMAS’ software and virtual reality glasses experience at the show reinforces the company’s commitment to technology and the development of comprehensive solutions for the glass industry. TUROMAS continues to invest in research and development to offer its customers the most advanced and efficient tools, thus ensuring its success in a constantly evolving market.

Assistants testing virtual reality glasses

Next event: Glasstech Mexico 2024

Looking ahead, TUROMAS has already set the date for the next edition of Glasstech Mexico in 2024. Preparations are already underway to surpass the success of this edition and surprise attendees with innovative technological solutions.

It is expected that this next edition will consolidate the event as the reference fair in the Mexican market, becoming a key element for the business development of the leading companies in the sector.

In summary, with an outstanding role of the RUBI 406VA, the presence of TUROMAS at the Glasstech Mexico 2023 fair has been a complete success. The company has reaffirmed its commitment to the Latin American market and specifically to the Mexican market, marking a before and after in the glass industry. Expectations are rising for the next edition, where TUROMAS will continue to demonstrate why it is the choice of the main leading companies in the sector.

RUBI 406VA The star of the fair: RUBI 406VARUBI 406VAComplete float cutting lineNext event: Glasstech Mexico 2024